Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things to Keep

Check out my lastest review--of Emilia Phillips' Signaletics and Jamaal May's Hum--in Beloit Poetry Journal!

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JF said...

Dear Melissa,

Repeated tries to email you at BPJ have been unsuccessful. I'd like to send you a short thank-you note as an answer to your email from BPJ; the note is titled "Thanks to You":

Thanks ever so much for your critique of the end of one of my poems. Thanks to you I went back and—as you say—fiddled with the last stanza. The results are more than A-OK (I hope), and they reaffirm Valery’s dictum that a poem is never finished—except when Melissa Crowe helps out!

Gratitude and best wishes,

Jim Reiss

On Jul 16, 2015, at 1:31 PM, Beloit Poetry Journal wrote:

Dear James Reiss:

Your manuscript has received a careful reading, but we have decided against holding it for our second round of deliberations. Thank you, though, for giving the BPJ the opportunity to consider it. What I really appreciate in this set is the tight music, particularly in "Eating the Menu." I like the poem a great deal but think perhaps its ending gets a little heavy-handed. Maybe fiddle there?

Melissa Crowe, co-editor

2015-07-16 14:31:40 (GMT -4:00)